New ‘NYR TV Show’ Episode NOW On Funny Or Die

Inspired by the glorious world of cable access, ‘NYR TV Show’ has live performances and film segments featuring Neurotic Yell bands. In episode 3, high-larious hijinx ensue when our star host, Ava Mannendethszz, expects to have on her favorite Filipino meditation rapper Roger Onimo, but instead post-punk sextet Raw Geronimo show up and entrance us all with their world power pop. Will Ava fuck it all up and move to Costa Rica? Will she finally give Filberto that albino love child he always wanted? Will she pull an “All Of Me” with Roger? Watch and see…

The Annoying Case Of The KK Faker…

There is a false FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER ACCOUNT in circulation for Kimono Kult. NO ONE from Neurotic Yell or KK has anything to do with these pages. Whoever keeps attempting to impersonate Kimono Kult, PLEASE STOP pretending to be someone or something you’re not. Take a deep breath. Be brave by having the courage to be yourself. And stop this shit because it’s REALLY irritating.

Hiding In The Light – by Kimono Kult

NYR kicks off 2014 with digital EP “Hiding In The Light” by Kimono Kult – a new recording project produced by Nicole Turley (Swahili Blonde) featuring the untamable melodic lyrics of Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes, Bosnian Rainbows), and transfixed aural stylings of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Bosnian Rainbows), John Frusciante, Laena Geronimo (Raw Geronimo) and Dante White-Aliano (Dante Vs Zombies). 

Hiding In The Light will be released worldwide March 4th, as a digital album only