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“From the depths of a miniscule crackling whisper weaving tales of trauma, to the soaring heights of elongated elated instrumental breaks, Amanda Jo Williams will stop your heart, show you the light, then bring you right back again.”L.A. RECORD

“Amanda Jo Williams uses chords sparingly to make the humblest of roofs over her head, just enough to keep her voice and personality warm, safe, and raw. When I listen, I tilt my head slightly to the side and let my lips curl into a curious smile. I step into her humble abode and dust off the detritus of adulthood.”Naturalismo 

“Her primal music is an open maw to the mysteries and fears of the world.”L.A. Times


“Amanda Jo Williams is Bonnie Rait’s ‘Bluebird’, chirping like a child; as punkish and cosmic as Georgia-raised Patti Smith too.”Ink Eats Man

“Their outlaw hippy-country beats were very contagious and soon I was surrounded by a band of young girls attempting to reproduce the fashion and moves seen on stage; a cult following if there was one.”Rock NYC


“Amanda Jo has a 4-star vision for what she wants this to be and an excellent supporting cast. Maybe a genius producer is all that is between her and a masterpiece” – RAR 

The Bear Eats Me is a rollicking little foot-stomper that employs bass, acoustic guitar, and banjo and features Williams’ pixie-coo southern drawl that is one part Wanda Jackson and one part Joanna Newsom”Striker Bill

The Bear Eats Me… is the fruition of her many intriguing idiosyncrasies: the sweet and sour, the playful coos and seduction, the minimal and cosmic country”BUZZBANDS.LA


Amanda Jo Williams latest offering, The Bear Eats Me, is chock full of catchy rockabilly band numbers, with multi-layered recordings featuring cherubic choruses and good ol’ honky tonk. It’s dusty jukebox rock that will wake the kids in the middle of the night for a boot-stomping, moon-invoking dance party on the back porch”Mad Mackrel

The Bear Eats Me”, off her album of the same name, reminds me of original folk innovators like Malvina Reynolds and Karen Dalton, who would stay true to the genre’s barebone minimalist tendencies, all while touting their unique arsenal instead of futile attempts to cloak it”Obscure Sound




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