“… a mesh of meditative lyrics, electro-inflected boom-bap and prog-jazz has combined fury and philosophy in a way that doesn’t have to shout to be heard.”             – LA Times


Before Gardens After Gardens combs the landscape of dynamic experimental diversity with tenacity and expertise.”nanobotrock


“(Big Sir) include trip hop & down tempo with rhythms that sometimes break out, bass lines that bring you with them, and dust it all off with some of the most heart-tingling vocals you’ll ever hear.”                          – i paint my mind


“Big Sir has the ability to demand attention, while also being ambient and warming the mind from behind the eyes.”Behind The Hype

“The ethereally haunting vocal and synth work of Lisa Papineau along with the sea of effects bassist of Juan Alderete utilizes combine for a compositional mastery in which the sum is greater than the parts.”                     – Sound Colour Vibration

“’The Kindest Hour‘ is a gorgeous amalgamation of Björk-like vocals (“In the kindest hour / Quietus is on the runway / I can hear you laughing / On the way over”), scantly decorated drumming, and viola melodies that trot the line between tuneful and abrasive.”

Before Gardens After Gardens is a celebration; though Big Sir’s musical lair comes off as dark and mysterious, it takes the listener into the unknown, guiding them until they finally find their way out, only to be compelled to enter again.”Red River Noise



I N T E R V I E W S 

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