Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians Press


“From rapid, clanky jams that will take your feet on a reckless stampede to music that you’d love to hear on an old school gramophone as you sit back and relax with a a nice whiskey, Crooked Cowboy’s simulating in every way.”Grimy Goods


“This massive collective starts from a country foundation, and builds upward with all sorts of unexpected sounds. The female singers provided pleasingly owlish sounds, while the male singer (I guess that would be the Crooked Cowboy, huh?) brought a harsh, brooding whiskey growl. Altogether, it was like Hank Williams ON ACID!”The 704


“Psychedelic whirlwind tinged with an unattainable nostalgia for a western era of dusty corrals and one-horse towns” – Mad Mackerel


“Playing the type of music that you may well find in a Tarantino movie, Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians mix Johnny Cash, Nick Cave and Tom Waits into an enticing brew…” – Terrascope


Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries is a captivating array of ridiculously fresh sounds cloaked in gently unassuming eccentricity. Passages that could represent the mumblings of Leonard Cohen and Willie Nelson after they’ve had a few morph or give way to psychedelic soundscapes bolstered by damp percussion and soprano warbling verging on Yma Sumac’s bizarro-cism. There are sporadic specklings of electronica; a drizzle that never turns into a downpour. It’s one of the most creative uses of digital sound I’ve ever heard.”                                                                                                                                  – My Old Kentucky Blog


“This track gives me that Tarantino chill. I am in love with the rasp of his voice … which is carefully balanced out by Lisa [Papineau]’s colorful and silky delivery. The composition is a tad eerie, but in a melancholic manner.” The End Starts Today


“While their name may make them sound like a Weird Al-esque parody band, Crooked Cowboy and the Freshwater Indians are more dignified than that … The album’s first single, “Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries” reminds me of Leonard Cohen with the Crooked Cowboy’s gravelly baritone.”                                                                                                                                                     – Surviving the Golden Age




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