Dante Vs Zombies Press

“Dante Vs Zombies eponymous hero is something of a freak musical genius, leading a collective of skilled musicians and veteran members of bands like Jail Weddings, Swahili Blonde, and in Dante’s own case, Detroit Cobras. Odd instruments breath life into quirky melodies and syncopated beats that fall naturally into tight and detailed compositions.”Flavorpill 


“If you have never seen them before, picture a scene out of American Bandstand, where a mass of teens are shimmying around to the modern version of the Seeds. Infectious melodies, catchy hooks and the occasional matching uniform makes for a serious dance party.”LA RECORD


“Indeed, even when singer Dante White-Aliano is warbling something as seemingly meaningless as ‘Watermelon Iodine’ there is a degree of intent. And with the band as tight as a ducks arse behind him, it’s hard not to take him seriously.” – The Agit Reader


“A heedlessly fun album in addition to being a fairly unwieldy listen. If you’re a connoisseur of novelty music, zombie fetishist, or musical theater devotee – or any combination thereof – you’re prime for some Dante Vs Zombies indulgence.” – Prefix 


“Discussing everything from goth barbecues to dead parrots and washed up actors, Buh is Mulholland Dr. meets American Psycho. Perhaps the greatest fun of the record is the complete juxtaposition of poppy surf riffs with White-Aliano’s flippant disregard for normalcy.”Get Bent


“A debut album this perfect rarely comes around, and a generation is lucky enough to get one like this only once or twice in a lifetime.”Neotomic


Buh is 34 minutes of glam in a funhouse” – Buzz Bands LA




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