Jail Weddings Press


“Jail Weddings songs sound the way the band looks: huge, soulful, and swaggering, taut and unpredictable as a cat.”The Stranger 

“The Los Angeles group, as many as 10 members strong, has been described as a seedy throwback to the classic ’60s sounds of Phil Spector, like Nick Cave fronting the Shangri-Las…. I’m almost tempted to liken them to Belle and Sebastian, if they had all met in AA and decided to knock off banks instead of make melancholy twee pop.”The Portland Mercury

“The band’s fabulous catchy songs with their layered vocal harmonies, Roy Orbison-esque country-doo-wop-pop melodies and epic delivery are definite crowd pleasers.”Rock NYC

“A band that has all the drama, instrumentation, and gutterpunk charm of that group, plus the teetering on the edge vocal stylings of Dexys Midnight Runners‘ front man Kevin Rowland, and an unhealthy amount of girl group swagger (think a tattooed, supertough version of the Shangri-Las)”All Music

“Jail Weddings fuse doo wop, rockabilly, and soul into catchy, theatrical pop. It’s a disarming and seductive combination.”Owl And Bear

“Music to have knife sex to”  – VICE

“It’s a big, stormy old-school track, the sort of thing that can fall apart completely if everyone involved doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing. Thankfully, they do (on Crying Girl)Stereogum

“huge in every way of the word, and it’s simply fantastic.”  – The 405

“God, is this band filthy with talented folks.”  – LA RECORD

“Gabe Hart and company continue to slam doo-wop into garage rock, but “There’s Nothing Worse in the World Than a) Crying Girl” pulls back on the loud drama and focuses on natural grooves. Jail Weddings may have been labeled as a party band (one that would probably play the funnest prom ever) before, but they’re pleasantly more versatile than you think.”  – BUZZBANDS.LA



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