Raw Geronimo Press

“Goth-y surf-pop with sides of audacity and whimsy”Buzz Bands LA


“Brimming with pop-punk charm”Under The Radar


“Perfect mixture of calculated oddity and wild abandon”YVYNYL


“Raw Geronimo played a wild set of tribal, ferocious sound that marries surf rock, desert folk and art rock, topped off by Laena Geronimo’s swooping vocals and flailing, formidable stagepresence.”Amoeblog


Churning and boiling together elements of sounds mined from the planet’s history of cultural climaxes, underground rebellions, pop sensations, vagabond janglings, epic ballads, poetic lullabies, celebratory freakouts and the rest, along with energies absorbed from collisions between a hyper-creative drive and countless miles walked in more than one other band’s shoes, this was nothing short of a ticking time bomb.” – The Tree


“The upbeat surf-pop of Role Play has a darker nature, despite it’s poppy sound.”Rolling Stone


“50s nostalgia, fun in the sun beach vibes, and seventies Rough Trade post-punk” The Deli  


“If you remember the B-sides of ’80s punk comps, where “art” bands like the Nuns, Los Microwaves and Suburban Lawns matched playful technique with a sense of humor and the sheer force of personality, then you’ll recognize Raw Geronimo instantly: new wave in the best and weirdest way.”LA WEEKLY





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