Siddhartha Press


“One of the most exciting albums I’ve heard this year. The creative ferment is positively explosive. My skin is crawling and my brain is on fire. Glorious.” – Aiding and Abetting


“… African inspired rock, rich with guitar pedal distortions”  – The Deli SF


“’The Fire Next Time‘ partially recalls some of the rockier moments of Saul Williams career, keeps you on the hook during the verses, and really reels you in with the chorus.”Striker Bill


“There’s inherent restraint in the band’s songs — the kind established only after a band works with a good producer. It sounds like Sunset Boulevard circa ’67; The Doors rising out of the Whiskey, Arthur Lee’s multi-hued meander down on the boulevard.” – Metro Times


Sometimes You Get So Alone (It Just Makes Sense) finds Siddartha in an introspectively bluesy form of their sound with heartfelt and relatable lyrics and a killer rock groove.”BPM


If It Die possesses tempting alcoves of mania, in which the bass grooves and the guitars riff into oblivion amongst the other shoegaze aspects of fiddling chemistry and sobering, majestic insanity.”No Ripcord


“But really they sound like somewhere between Howler and TV On The Radio…”Thoroughly Irrelevant 


“Fortunately for the listener, Hauser’s inner sound and fury come to a head in the dense arrangements on the first cut off the album, “Diamond Dust”. Bookended by eerie harmonies, the track suddenly erupts into crashing hi-hats and Hauser’s indecipherable echo shrouded in distortion.”Consequence Of Sound


“Siddhartha is a beautiful experience. They are much more than just a band; they are a musical journey into a new world.”The Owl Mag



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