“WEAVE!’s music speaks in a language usually reserved for the most intimate secrets of identical twins — If those twins lived locked in a basement with double dutch, old dub plates, the 99 Records discography, and “Chappelle’s Show” as their only forms of entertainment.”


Taking cues from The Slits, ESG, Kleenex, Delta 5, and 99 Records, Los Angeles’ WEAVE! picked up the torch wheretheir riot grrl post funk/punk foremothers left off and transformed into something much more than homage with their reputation for colorfully chaotic, yet often spellbinding live performances, channelling dub, afro-pop, and a heavy DIY punk aesthetic.

Formed in 2007 by Ivory Lee Carlson (Softness) and Nicole Turley (Swahili Blonde), the band expanded into a 4-piece, quickly becoming one of LA’s favorite live acts, with members of Bubonic Plague and the Centimeters rounding out the groups sound. The band released their first s/t EP on Pacific Reasons in 2008 (now on Neurotic Yell) to much acclaim. After a European tour and several line-up changes, WEAVE! took a brief hiatus to focus on their other projects. But the band has reemerged with a new EP of propulsive dubby-post-punk, entitled New Funk Romance – a very welcome return to say the least. We are all honored WEAVE! is back.


The various incarnations of WEAVE! have included >>>

  • Ivory Lee Carlson (Softness, Black Powder, Seventh Sea) /// bass, vocals
  • Nicole Turley (Swahili Blonde, VAGENDA, Seventh Sea) /// drums, vocals
  • Bryan Lasley (Bubonic Plague) /// guitar, vocals
  • Alex Black (Softness, Celibacy) /// drums, percussion, keys, bass, vocals
  • Jenny Sayaka Norris (Celibacy) /// drums, keys, vocals
  • Phillip Haut (Garbaj Katz, Bubonic Plague, Centimeters) /// keys, bass, percussion
  • Heather Cvar (Swahili Blonde) /// backing vocals




WEAVE!’s 2nd EP > New Funk Romance > is currently available as a digital album + bonus remix track by VAGENDA (feat John Frusciante) >>> this EP consists of 6 recordings from 2009 & 2012 performed by Ivory Lee Carlson (Softness), Nicole Turley (Swahili Blonde), Bryan Lasley (Bubonic Plague), and Alex Black (Softness)





WEAVE!’s debut 2008 EP > WEAVE! > is currently available as a digital album, on CD, and 12″ limited edition Clear vinyl




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