WEAVE! Press

“There is a rough, unpolished edge to WEAVE!’s sonic aesthetic, a fusion of the melodic with raw, unvarnished energy. Those fans of early UK post-punk (Gang of Fire, Wire, Adam & The Ants, Bow Wow wow) and dub (Slits) will be well-nourished by the group’s aural ramblings. The music could easily descend into an incoherent melange, but WEAVE! always seems to ride the knife’s edge and rescue their songs from merely existing as artifacts of amplified sound.” – Death + Taxes

“For those that care enough to have wished LiLiPuT could have kept their registered trademarked moniker Kleenex, we invite you into the world of LA’s hot new no-wave, WEAVE! – Impose Magazine

“WEAVE! seem particularly committed to their tropical thrashing. The fittingly titled ‘Calypso’, from the just-released New Funk Romance EP, is probably their most outrightly nautical song to date, with lyrics about actual boats and a warbling synth that has the potential to make you seasick. The thing is, WEAVE! never take themselves too seriously, and the way they gleefully mix influences comes off as more charming than haphazard. You could do worse than a band equally infatuated with ESG, Studio One comps, The Slits and Wire”International Tapes

“Taking away from groups such as the Raincoats, Delta 5, and the Slits, Weave! brings the dance beats and uneasy vocals I look for in a track like this; however, they’re not afraid to play it a little fast & loose with the performance.”The Needle Drop

“… so good it could have been released on 99 Records.”Rough Trade

“You know that when a whole group of humans really piss you off and you still like what they’re doing, it’s fucking excellent.”Vice Magazine

“I dare you to try not to dance.” – URB


“Their experimental, rhythmic afro-pop and new wave combines ESG-style basslines with flat-sounding vocals that are probably actually in tune.”Dazed Digital


“Upping the super awesome stakes in Slutty Fringe HQ are Weave! … their self titled EP sounds like rediscovered tapes from the 70s.”Slutty Fringe


“A wacky ride through a haunted jungle safari with a friendly cannibal as your tour guide. WEAVE! create something original from obvious influences.”LA RECORD

“The Californian crew’s tunes are extremely rhythmic (and, at times, deliciously poppy), but their strange mix of guitars, drums, and synth retains a haunting edge.”Flavorpill


I N T E R V I E W S 

Dazed and Confused /// Takes One To Know One…