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“Hi everybody… After months of going no where with the state of California. My best friends have finally ” Reluctantly ” talked me into a fundraising site to not only absorb , but cover the costs of these extraordinary medical bills , and monthly prescription drug Elephants on my back . In 7 days I am supposed to come up with another over 1200.00 in Cardiac tests and monthly meds . I throw in the towel , and need it desperatly . So if any of you are so inclined the site address is… Http://
I just completed an EP for Neurotic Yell records and am in the process of compiling all of my lifes work and preparing for release . I could not have completed this without my friends and friend Neil Schuh . It was an amazing amount of work , and there is tons more to do . So.. I would like to stick around for a while . There have been many kind things said to me over the last four months from friends …fans… and strangers… and I cant express with words what it has meant to me . So I will simply say …Thank You , and I will do my very best to deliver the best , most honest music I know how to do . I hope to see you all very soon. C.C” 

Please open your heart and donate to the heartfelt